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Hello There!

I wish to share a Couple of experiences where the Scans & the subsequent Remedy(Corrective Action) by RogueKiller led to a Coercive enabling of "System Notifications" on my Win 8 Desktop PC. When I checked the settings under the respective section within Control Panel, I found out that --"System Notifications" had been set to "Always"! As a consequence, every attempt to access any Application on my PC were invoking --Permission prompts, which for Obvious reasons were too annoying!

Now WHY is the RogueKiller's Corrective action leading to an Inadvertent & a Coercive enabling of "System Notifications"? Please explain the Logic? I would never like to be prompted again & again to grant Permission to even the Most Trusted of my installed Software Applications? Why is the RogueKiller tinkering with "System Notifications" with such an unabashed Audacity?

Hello There! Google Web Accelerator were discontinued somewhere in Year 2009, & Iam not able to trace any suitable alternative to fill that void! Please suggest on the Most-Easy & Effective ways to enable & facilitate --Data Compression to speed up Web-Browsing. Does any FREE VPN Service offer anything such as that? Does there exist a Freebie alternative to effectively replace GWA? Inputs are keenly awaited! Thank you.

Malware removal help / Please Help with these Weird entries!
« on: May 11, 2016, 09:15:45 am »
Hello Folks!

Please refer to the enclosed URL, & help decipher more on these 'Weird' entries showing up against the 7-Zip file-association Interface. What is this "Winzipper", & where it has come from? Any Ideas? I would like to assure that there exist no such Program such as--"Winzipper" under the Add/Remove Programs on my Win 8,64-Bit Desktop PC. Are the same an Indicator to a presence of some Rogue Software entries on my PC? Nevertheless, Please suggest on how to Dig-Deep & find-if something is fishy out there? Help will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you. URL-

RogueKiller / Update Button showing up as Grayed-Out!
« on: May 11, 2016, 08:56:29 am »
Hello Folks!

Please refer to the enclosed URL, & help sort-out the Trouble with the "Update" Button visible under RogueKiller's GUI. Even the "Contact Us" & various "Social-Media" Hyperlinks are also not able to Invoke the Browser window! Therefore, if a Technical-BUG, please help Channelize to the respective Team to seek an immediate cognizance. Thank you.

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