Author Topic: Hello... Need Help explain & resolve somes problems  (Read 3706 times)

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March 02, 2015, 07:24:53 pm


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Hello... Need Help explain & resolve somes problems
« on: March 02, 2015, 07:24:53 pm »
Hello...     8)
I Need Help explain & resolve somes problems...
I'm French & Not So Much expert in English and if it's possible
Help in French language is better forme...
I'm under OS Wind è X64 Integral, Firefox Browser, etc...
And to navigate on Web i'm under VPN Pro Sces (Witopia), with Witopia Software Installed

All maybe is ok, but when i do a Scan with RogueKiller it find an  "Hook IAT"...
But it's from an Known Software that i Use from longtime "Freedownload manager
& others things in Register
about "Name Server" & "DHCP Name Server"...
And all of this from a short time, few days ago...
I don't Understand why & if it's a "False" Positive....

Just after réinstall Witopia with new soft version,
all the time i see on my Windows Network "Local Network"
that the IPV4 DNS Server is changed...
But this change appear after Instal of Witopia Software...
and is not under "Obtain a DNS Adress Automatically"
but on Choose & Enter a DNS Adress Server with Numbers.....

Since these problems, Discover by RogueKiller these days.
When I go to some sites, Mlawarebytes blocked a lot of web address
what he was not doing before that...
It think that it got more "Sensitive" from this time...

I do Scans with AdWcleaner, + Malwarebytes & Bitdefender = All is Ok...
I have the Report from Rogue Killer & i join it here....

I think that it's not a very big trouble but i prefer be Secure...
Ok...   Please, Somebody can Help ?
Thanks a Lot for all your help....    :-*

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Re: Hello... Need Help explain & resolve somes problems
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2015, 07:30:17 pm »
Bonjour Emilio,

Ton premier sujet à été déplacé dans la sous-section "RogueKiller" du forum.
Merci de continuer là-bas. Je ferme celui-ci.

Meilleures salutations.