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Software request - unlisted stuff I installed since last time


Hi again, either I install things way to frequently or everybody else reading this forum is holding back!  8)
All updates have run smoothly for the listed things I have installed, great work!
Here's the software I've installed that is not on the UCheck list, again I added links to changelogs unless it's on the same page as the download link.
Remote Administration
* Cyberduck -changelog
* Cyotek WebCopy -changelog Browser
* SRWare Iron -changelog
* dupeGuru
* VCXSrv -changelog
* USB Image Tool -changelog
* Rufus Editor
* Terragen -changelog:
* Bforartists
* Schism Tracker
* MilkyTracker
* Open ModPlug Tracker
* Psycle Modular Music Creation Studio -changelog

Hi _underscore_

Thanks for your suggestions.
We will review these software and get back to you as soon as possible.


Hi _underscore_

Here is the result of our examination.

USB Image Tool, Rufus, Schism Tracker and MilkyTracker don't have proper installers, so they could not be integrated into UCheck.
Terragen website require JavaScript to run which is incompatible with our scrapper. Cyotek WebCopy doesn't respect it's own silent switches so, it's a no-go too.

All the other software you listed will be integrated in UCheck next release.


Great news! I consider anything above 50% of the random stuff I install getting into Ucheck a win  :)

It actually helps me in deciding what to keep installed!

Hi _underscore_,

You are welcome.
Thanks for your suggestions.



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