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==> Crash/Hang/Block, please come here <==


If you have a problem of UCheck crashing, please do the following:


1. Application crash:

* Restart the application
* If it asks for sending crash information, please upload them. If not, follow 1.1
* That's all you need to do
1.1 Application crash, manual dump:

* Download ProcDump:
* Follow the option A. of this tutorial:
* The command line to execute is "procdump -e -w -ma UCheck.exe"
* When the application crashes, it will generate a dump.
* Zip it, upload it on
2. Application is blocked/hangs on something:

* Download Process Hacker or Process Explorer, and install it. Start it.
* Restart UCheck
* When it hangs, make a full dump of the process with Process Hacker/Explorer with a right click.
* Zip it, upload it on


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