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Hi everyone
I have being having problems for some time and have used malwarebytes to clean a couple trojans I had that I didn't scan properly from my old hard drive. I was still having mbam, superantispyware, roguekiller and maybe 1 or 2 other cleaning tools, but bsod when running in normal mode or updating definitions or even scanning for results.
So eventually I had enough and took it to a computer shop to supposedly get fixed with them using combofix. after going back there again because of still bsod with antivirus or cleaning tools here I am. convinced I have an infection still.
recently I have seen my megabytes being used when I wasn't using an bandwith because only 2 pages were loaded and no flash players or the like were playing. so there has to be a reason.

roguekiller and tdss killer come back saying they have some some suspicious but Im not too sure on what to clean and how so if anyone could help that would be great. I do have a bit of trouble getting online a bit , not to sure if it's because Im in a reginal area but sometimes I have good service in bars but cant get online or become disconneted it's frustrating.
 thanks for any help

Can you please post the reports of cleaning tools you have done so far?
(RogueKiller, Gmer, tdsskiller)

having problems staying online there probably dis connecting me

it wont let me upload a txt file for gmer



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