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Virus that writes to all open search boxes


Hi there my name is Arquimedes, from Brazil  (formerly known as The football county kkkkkk).
I think I have a hot one for Tgzy.  For one month I have on my computer a malware, seems like a rootkit, that no AV could track and kill.  You name it I tried all of them.   The caracteristics are: 
It loads on boots and re-boots.  Once loaded it starts to write a sequence of the numer "4" in any input boxes, like this one for instance.  Writes the same sequence in applications like Word, Notepad, Excel.  Shuts down the virtual keyboard, and when you acces Win8 block interface automatically opens the search instance so you could not acess any software since iit keeps on opening that resource.   Only roguekiller, gmer and spydllremover were capable of  spotting and killing for some time the hidden processes (normally a pair of them).  But it keeps on returning, it seems to be really embeded in some of the main applications of Win startup.  I think that the"writing sequences of 4´s"  is a deffect of the vírus since I don´t think anyone would have the trouble or work to just doing this as a joke.  Probably a vírus that Works as expected in Win7 but in Win 8 have this particular behavior.

Hello, sorry for the delay :)
Any chance to get the reports you consider being detecting the threat?


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