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Before to post in this section/Avant de poster dans cette section


Please read this carefully before to post in this section for an issue.  ;)

1/ Please read the tutorial
You'll find many information about what can be considered as suspicious, legit, information about detection colors, etc...

2/ Please read the FAQ
Commonly asked questions.

3/ Please read the Known issues
Bugs already known. No need to ask again we are working on them.

If after that you still need to report something, or ask some help, please read the following.

========== If you need help

- Please provide enough information. The minimum is a text report. You can have one by clicking on "report" after a scan/removal in RogueKiller. If you missed it, reports are stored in %programdata%/RogueKiller/logs.

- You can provide screenshots as well.

- Please don't encapsulate images into docx files, or zip, or whatever. It takes time to open, and not very convenient to use.

- Please don't provide screenshot to show something that could be explained with the report (like a false positive). A report is better because we can copy/paste the detection instead or rewrite it (and avoid mistakes by doing so...).

- Please don't host images on websites, use the attachements instead (we don't wanna wait 30+ seconds to open each file).

========== If you report a bug/crash

- In case of a BSoD: Attach minidump (can be found after the reboot in C:/Windows/minidumps)
- In case of RogueKiller crash. Usually, after restarting the application, it's prompted to upload the crash dump. If you did it, nothing more to report. If you didn't, please open a thread a describe where it crashes. If you know how to use procdump, please provide a dump with it.


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